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Kinder transition printable (PDF 494KB)

Kinder transition game

Enrolment for students: Information link to NSW Education enrolment in primary school:

Enrolment forms are now available from your local preschool or the school administration office.

Required information to go with the students enrolment forms are:


We hold two orientations, one day time and one night time, to introduce parents and future students to our fabulous school. Orientation is to give parents, carers and children general information about our school, introduce executive staff, Kindergarten teachers, parents and citizens' association and register students for our Kinderstart Program. The day orientation will also provide a chance to look around the school.

Please register for the KinderStart Program at the orientation.       

KinderStart Program

Best Start

The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment helps teachers identify literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills that each child will bring to school, to inform our teaching and learning programs. This will take approximately one hour and will take place with one of the kindergarten teachers in their classroom during the first week of school.

A letter  will be sent in mid December, from student enrolment forms, to inform parents and students of the date and time of student's BESTSTART testing time. If the date or time is not suitable please ring the school office to make adjustments Ph: 4443 0546

First Day of School

The first day for Kindergarten will be Monday 5th February 2018. Parents can please make your way to the school hall where students will be told who their teacher will be for the year. Teachers will show students to their classrooms and parents will be able to say a quick 'goodbye'. 

In the afternoon it would be good if parents are able to come to the classroom to collect their child from 2.55pm, until students get into a good pattern of waiting for parents.


Educational Apps that students use at school

Kindergarten apps (DOC 790KB)


Wellbeing links:

Aboriginal Support Programs

At Sanctuary Point Public School we are fortunate to have the support of an Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO) and nine Aboriginal staff members. We have over 120 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled at our school and we have many programs in place to support these students and their families.

Some of the programs we run here at school include:

  • Dhurga Language Program
  • South Coast Aboriginal Medical Service Koori Wellbeing Program for years 3 to 6
  • Gugunyal Didgeridoo Program
  • Koori Dance Program
  • Binji & Boori Playgroup
  • Gudjahgah Undarnga Murun (Childrens Bushfood Ground)
  • Boys Cultural Group with Uncle Robert Williams for years 5 and 6
  • Girls Cultural Program for years 5 and 6

Keeping in Touch

At Sanctuary Point Public School we have several ways to communicate with our parents and their families. Our school website, Facebook, Instagram, Skoolbag App and our weekly newsletter. Newsletters are available via the school website, Skoolbag App, email or a hard copy can be given to your child upon request. To receive a hard copy please ask at the administration office.

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